Christer Lundstedt

Family photos

On this page you will find different photos of my family members.

My grandmother's grandfather and grandmother, Göran Petter Nilsson and Kristina Nyström, married 5 February 1877

My great-grandfather Anders Olof Lundstedt married Anna Dahlström 21 May 1899.

My grandfather Nils-Göran (NG) Lundstedt at a young age.

My grandmother Maria (Maja) and her siblings in Ladumyråsen.

My grandfather Albert Lindholm as a soldier.

My great-grandfather Jonas Nylander from Nyland, Nordingrå.

My grandmother's parents Jonas and Hedda Nylander in the late 1940s.

My great-grandfather Anders Olof Lundstedt with his wife Anna and their children. Photo from 1949.

My grandfather Albert Lindholm toopk care of Högforsen's power station in Gevåg from 1952 until his retirement in 1985.

My great-grandmother Emma Lindholm (born Solander).

My great-grandfather Axel Lindholm with his children in 1965.

My parents get married, July 20, 1970.

My father Bertil Lundstedt and my great-grandfather Axel Lindholm.

My parents with newly born Christer.

Me together with my parents Bertil and Sonja 1976.

Santa visits my grandfather and grandmother on Christmas 1978.

My grandmother Siri Lindholm (born Nylander) with her grandchildren in 1980.

My grandfather Albert and my sister Carina.

My mother Sonja and my grandmother Siri with me and my sister at an unknown location.

My grandfather Albert Lindholm as a moose hunter.

My grandmother Albert with his brothers and sisters.

My grandmother Maja and my grandfather Nils Göran Lundstedt 1985.

My sister Carina's confirmation 1992. In the picture Sonja Lundstedt, Carina Lundstedt,
Daisy Lindholm, Christer Lundstedt, Siri Lindholm, Albert Lindholm.

My mother Sonja Lundstedt with the cats Fia and Gosan.

My grandmother Maja Lundstedt (born Göransson) visiting Krokvågssjön in 1997.

My aunt Daisy Lindholm, Christmas 1998.

Me together with my dad Bertil Lundstedt and grandfather Albert Lindholm, Christmas 2000.

Me and my cousin Helena, August 2001.

Me with my nephew Anton, November 2003.

My sister Carina, my dad Bertil and my nephew Anton 2004.

Me with my sister and dad, Christmas 2007.

My dad Bertil Lundstedt in the boat on Krokvågssjön lake 2012.

My aunt Daisy Lindholm with my nephew Anton Lindfors.

Me together with my father Bertil Lundstedt and uncle Anders Lundstedt. Visiting Ammer 2014.

Visiting Ytterstvattnet in the spring of 2014. In the picture Vanja Lundstedt, Bertil Lundstedt and Anders Lundstedt.

My sister Carina and her son Anton 2014.

My cousin Göran Lundstedt (born 1968)

My cousin Ylva Lundstedt (born 1974)

Christmas 2014 in Nyköping. Me and my dad Bertil together with my nephews Fabian, Noah and Anton Lindfors.

My nephew Fabian Lindfors 8th birthday, August 2017.

My nephew Anton Lindfors at his confirmation ceremony in Nyköping, January 2018.

My cousin Helena Lundstedt with her family 2020.

Christmas Day 2020. My sister Carina and the dog Wilson visit my father in Oxelösund.

My nephew Fabian Lindfors and my sister Carina Lindfors, June 2021.