Christer Lundstedt


1980-1986 Körfältsskolan Östersund Comprehensive school - Year 1-6
1986-1989 Parkskolan Östersund Comprehensive school - Year 7-9
1989-1992 Palmcrantzskolan Östersund Gymnasium/High school - Social Science Programme
1993-1997 Umeå University Umeå Teacher education SO 4-9

      Essays at the Department of History, Umeå University.


During the summer holidays the years 1989-1991 and 1993-1998, I worked as a caretaker at
HSB in Östersund. I started by painting, then continued with lawn mowing, cleaning and much more.
It provided extra income during the poor student years and it was also nice to work outdoors under your own
responsibility. I worked in the residential areas Björkbacka, Solliden and Körfältet.

I got my first teaching job at Östra skolan in Hudiksvall in 1998.
I taught the Social Science subjects there in grades 7-9 between the years 1998 and 2001.
It was three good years when I gained important experience in the profession.
After three years, I wanted to go further north and to a bigger city.

I have worked as a teacher at Höglundaskolan in Sundsvall since August 2001.
My subjects are geography, history, religion and social science (politics, economy, media, sociology etc.)
From 2001 until 2013, I taught in years 8 and 9. Since 2013, I have taught in grades 7, 8 and 9.

1998-2000 Östra skolan - Hudiksvall: 8gh/9gh Karin Lindberg
2000-2001 Östra skolan - Hudiksvall: 7ef Karin Lindberg
2001-2003 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8c/9c Lena Siekkinen Palm
2003-2005 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8c/9c Lena Siekkinen Palm
2005-2007 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8e/9e Lena Siekkinen Palm
2007-2009 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8f/9f Kristina Larsson
2009-2011 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8e/9e Björn Östlund, Britt-Marie Hjelmqvist
2011-2013 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8e/9e Britt-Marie Hjelmqvist
2013-2015 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8e/9e Jessica Liivlaid, Emma Leijon
2015-2017 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 8a/9a Carina Jading
2017-2020 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 7a/8a/9a Carina Jading
2020-2021 Höglundaskolan - Sundsvall: 7c/8c Gunilla Larsson