Christer Lundstedt


This page contains information on various interests and hobbies
I have engaged in over the years or still enjoy.

Early interests

When you grow up, you are interested in a little of this and that. Think of all the hours you put into building with Lego, building huts or reading comic books.
Before the school age, I was fascinated by cars. I loved looking at cars and learning car brands. That interest was probably more of a curiosity and then disappeared.
Already during my primary school years, I became interested in the world. I learned about different countries, flags and loved to look in different maps. I
also liked to learn about different ethnic groups and cultures. It was really exciting to read all the different parts of the book series The People of the Earth at the local library.
In middle school, I also got to write my own little books about the hero Green Teddy Bear who traveled around on adventures among different planets in the universe.
In my spare time I played football in IFK Östersund but the level of ambition was probably quite low. It was fun with matches but usually boring to go to football training. I played
from 1982 to 1986. I was already interested in sports from an early age and from the beginning it was mainly the hysteria around alpine skiing and the famous skier Ingemar Stenmark
which I was drawn into. I probably saw the vast majority of competitions I could see on TV. My grandfather also shared the interest and kept his own notes about different skier´s times.
From my grandmother I got an interest in botany. Her brother was also a botanist. When I was about 10-12 years old, I thought it was interesting to look for different types
of plants and learn the names of them. This knowledge is still in my memory to some extent, even though I already lost interest when I became a teenager.


The teenage years

When I started junior high school, my friends and I became involved in an interest in aquarium fish. There was an active aquarium club where many at the school participated
and for a period we were very active in this. It was interesting to get different types of fish to multiply. About the same time, computer games began to gain popularity
I got a Nintendo game and it became something that took up a lot of time in grades 7 and 8. The game became popular and suddenly you had a lot of new friends who wanted to play.
When I was home and had a dull day in the winter of 1987, my dad told me about his youth interest in DX-ing (listening to remote radio stations). We had some old radio receivers at home
and suddenly it became really exciting to use them to listen to radio from different parts of the world. From 1987 up to and including the start of the internet
, this was one of my biggest interests. I saved money and was later able to buy better modern midwave and shortwave radio receivers. I was very interested in different countries
and since I did not have the opportunity to travel very far these years, this became an exciting contact with the world. In addition, it was a challenge to succeed in hearing difficult rare stations.
Due to electrical interference in the urban environment, it became most interesting to use longer antennas and listen undisturbed in our cottage at Krokvågssjön.



Two major interests I have had for a long time and still have today are travel and genealogy. Because there are other parts of my website devoted to these topics
I will not mention anything more about this here. I also enjoy listening to music but you can also find my favorite music on another part of my website.

Ever since the internet became a part of our lives in the 1990s, I have enjoyed getting to know people in different parts of the world. Sometimes it has to do with trips I´ve
done or want to do, sometimes you have common interests or the same profession, but in most cases it's just nice to get to know new people.

I mentioned earlier that I am interested in sports. I still like to see alpine skiing but today it is probably mainly football and biathlon that interest
me most. It also happens that I watch cross-country skiing, athletics and ice hockey. I've never been the type to have strong supporter feelings about sports. I see it
mostly for the sake of excitement. In football, I have two teams I follow a little extra though. One is Östersunds FK (ÖFK) because I grew up in Östersund and the other is
Manchester City in England. The reason for this is that I traveled to Manchester in 1997 and my backpack disappeared. I was without clean clothes and then bought a football shirt
from Manchester City. As a result, some sections of the city's population were a little extra friendly and helpful to me because of my shirt. When I came back
home and in the future was asked about the favorite team so it turned out as it did. This happened when the team had it very tough in lower divisions so I did not choose favorite team
based on success. Biathlon is a very entertaining sport and I have seen many competitions live in Östersund, both in the World Cup and the World Championships.

I have always been interested in and fascinated by mysteries of various kinds. It can be a movie I watch or a book I read, but it can also be bigger questions like
if there is life after death, life on other planets or if we have lived previous lives. I have no definite idea of what I believe about all this but I think the topic is interesting.
Unfortunately, there are many who believe in just about everything and others who dismiss everything without wanting to investigate it further.


Östersunds FK vs Örebro SK 2017.                                                        World Cup in biathlon, Östersund 2013.

And a few extra words...

When I think back on what has interested me over the years, I discover one thing that a lot has in common, that is that I like mysteries and discovering and exploring the unknown.
It can be the excitement of a detective story, a football match or exploring a new city or countyry. It can also be exploring one's own family history or thinking about issues such as life after death
or whether there is life in the universe outside our planet. Below you will also find links to pages that deal with some things I have told you about.



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