Text: Peter Johansson
Editing: Christer Lundstedt
Photos: Christer Lundstedt

9/7 - 13/7 Lviv - Usti nad Labem

Wednesday 9th of July "The day of the hard blows."

09.05 Worst morning so far on the trip, woke up at night with stomach problem. I have taken some pills and hope they will stop it all. Finally and eventually we reached the station. Went to a ticket-window only to find out that they didn't sell tickets. We moved to the window next to us and there got hold of the tickets for 34 hr each. Next is just waiting and for me to gather some strength. I am infirm.

13.42 So at last onboard. Hard leather seats but at least seats. Soon we are moving on towards Poland. A lady just came with a small pile of books. She soon came back for them.

15.16 We are struggling to fill in some customs declaration. The problem is that all is written in Polish. We wonder thinking and guessing some of the things asked. We are hoping for some assistance from helpful people from the customs office.

15.37 With a good help from a female custom officer, the declaration was filled in and given. Our passports collected a bit earlier by a passport police. He walked away with a small pile. Around people are struggling to tape together their belongings. Our train is standing still.

16.22 On the move again. Not a minute too early.

16.42 We stopped again and here we stand. People keep on taping their stuffs together and a man in a blue shirt just walked by for God knows how many times.


15.46 Nothing wrong with the time we crossed over to Polish time. A guy with a really muscular body just passed. The reason was neither workout nor steroids. He has something taped under the arms of his T-shirt. NO ONE wanted to see the immigration card, the one that gave us so much trouble the other night.

17.20 Back at Krokus in Przemysl. At the station a wild race started. Full speed ahead across the platform. The reason being all luggage’s must be x-rayed. Most people have more than a lot of luggage with them . A nice custom officer let us go through another way. We are after all tourists. Now I will rest before we have a dinner. My stomach could have been better. Our room costs us 45 zloty per night per person. We were shown to the room by a nice old gentleman. We let him do it although we knew the way. We stayed here last year as well. We realised, as we were about to open the door, that none of us has the key. so the man went back for it. We took out some money from an ATM earlier before we got here, They had placed it inside a wall, about half a metre inside.

20.03 Back from dinner at Margherita, we ate there last year as well. I had barely any appetite. We heard a voice as we stepped into the room. The voice came from Christer's backpack. His radio had started

20.20 It is time to go to bed. Well not for Christer but for me. To really end this hell of a day I come to notice that my toothbrush is missing. I have left it and its' cover in the hotel in Lviv.

Thursday 10th of July "Darkness"

09.15 I slept long and well. I have good hopes that this day will be better then the last one.

10.47 Sitting once again on a platform. Today aiming for Tarnow. We feel worn out. It is cloudy with a bit rain a while ago. We saw some travel friends from yesterday on their way over here. They are selling cigarettes.

11.52 Before we departed some other friends from yesterday climbed on the train. Among them the nice customs woman. This time dressed as a civilian. She and our “friends” carried a similar kind of package. The guard came to check our tickets and he wasn't pleased with the ticket price of 19.30 zloty. He wants 15.45 zloty more from each of us. 19.30 is what you pay for a ticket on a slow train. For us 34.75 zloty is the “right” price. He managed to leave before we could pay.

13.58 The guard returned, we paid. The train arrived, we got off. We started to walk and are now resting on a wall close to Polonia where we stayed in 2000. It was a really nice place, I wonder if any of it is left?

14.28 Polonia is now just a memory. It has entered the heaven for hotels. We went to the Square and looked for the tourist information. We didn't find it. Walked around the Square and suddenly found it. It stood there it was supposed to be. We had just missed the sign, it was blocked by a parasol. They arranged for a room on top of the information centre. Our latest home is called Pokoje Goscinne. We are staying in room 3 for 42.40 zloty.


15.43 This report is from the pizzeria Aida. We hear musical music from the loud speakers.

17.02 The two Eurotrotters has become Eurototters. The virus or what ever knocked me out has just attacked Christer. He was close to fainting in the pizzeria. We are tired, worn out and tormented. Back in the room for a shower and rest. I bought some Coca Cola and a toothbrush. Hey, by the way, the food at Aida was delicious.

21.30 Resting, watching TV (X-files!). Been out and bought yoghurt for tonight and tomorrow.

Friday 11th of July "Take the slow train"

07.35 Woke up and cleaned the body. I feel OK but there still seems to be some kind of revolution in my stomach. We are thinking of if and when we should leave here by train. Would be nice to travel on and still not so bad to recover from what ever happened to us.

09.46 We didn't take the early morning train. But we still have two more chances, one at 11.35 and one at 13.35. What remains is to see which one we catches and what state we will be in.

10.59 We managed to get to the station and unload the backpacks at the platform. I went to buy tickets for 42.75 zloty each. Currently Christer is away buying some food for the journey. I will go as soon as he returns. Cold and windy today as well.

11.38 We just rolled out from Tarnows station. We are standing in one of the aisles with our Backpacks by our side. I hope we get to sit down soon, but have little hope for that.

11.47 A man in uniform just came by and some guys make room. This gave me a place to sit. Sitting here with something big between my legs, my backpack. But what the heck, I got a place to sit. A BIG thanks to the man in the uniform, I wonder if he is some kind of military personnel.

13.55 After the stop in Krakow both of us are now sitting down in another compartment than before. There is still three and half-hour left before we reach Wrocùaw. I am tired and worn out.

17.57 After wearing sex, no six hours on the way we are finally here. The compartment was packed and now and then really hot too. We are currently on a bench, trying to find out the direction for our new home.

20.05 We went to the centre and found the tourist information. They helped us to find shelter. Living at the same place as we did three years ago, Piast. The hotel is just next to the station. Our room number is 403 and cost us 45 zloty per night for each person.

21.10 Our journey out for dinner has been postponed. Christer just got a burp- and hiccup attack.

21.43 The attack settled and we are now at the Armenian restaurant Armine. We ordered Lula kebab and beer. Above us, a train passed and the place shook.

22.30 The food was really delicious. The appetite seems to be back is this the turning point?

View from Hotel Piast. You can see the Railway station (Wroclaw Glowny).

Saturday 12th of July "Tired"

09.00 Woke up but don’t feel well. It will be a slow day today.

12.25 Still a slow day, still stomach problems. We know that we have to get a ticket, send postcards and check a for the next place to stay. How will I ever find the strength for this?

13.25 We wonder if we are ready for a try. We are in a desperate need of change of air as well as having something to drink.

Hotel Monopol in Wroclaw


Square (Rynek) in Wroclaw.

14.39 Stop at a small post office to send postcards to those at home.

15.57 Sitting at a Internetcafé searching for places to stay in the next town, Usti nad Laben. There seems to be plenty of hotels and pensions.

"Animals" on Ulica Jatki (Jatki-street) in Wroclaw.

17.07 Back in room 407. Resting and munching on raspberries that Christer bought. The lady that sold the raspberries also sold wild strawberries.

19.02 Been and bought tickets for Dresden for 158.12 zloty. We also bought breakfast and travel food for tomorrow.

20.53 Sitting by the Square at Lwowska, a Ukrainian restaurant. Food ordered and I could have felt better. But I guess it could have been worse.

Sunday 13th of July "The journey through many countries"

04.45 Tired, worn out, ravaged and fed up. When will I feel really great? Well soon time to go to the station. I am happy it is just on the other side of the road.


10.39 We reached Dresden. A lot of sleep for me during the journey. By the border we were let “in” into Germany before the Polish passport and customs officers have “let” us out of Poland. The Polish, by the way has abandoned that thick book they used to look in to check us. Nowadays they just scan the passport. Our journey also took us through the land of the Sorbs. We just got ourselves a ticket to Usti nad Labem for € 14.10.


14.00 So now we are back in the Czech republic. This time in Usti nad Laben. Staying in room 302 at Interhotel Bohemia. We pay 800-koruna/ person. A bit expensive but we need it. The way here went through a marvellous landscape. Mountains with rivers flowing through over the centuries.

16.00 We are sleeping

19.33 Time to get a little to eat. A little is just what it will be. The appetite is NOT at its' best. But we need all the nutrition we can get.

21.40 We had some Chinese food at restaurant Shanghai. One HUGE portion. Isn’t it just typical? I barely manage to eat and in came an enormous portion. Next time to pack and sleep.

Breakfast tickets on Hotel Bohemia

Usti nad Labem.

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